How do I format and apply Styles in Microsoft Word?

Word allows you to define parts of your document with different text Styles e.g. Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2 etc.

You can then change formatting and layouts for each of these Styles e.g. font size, line spacing etc. to suit your needs. This provides a consistent style throughout the document.

Remember to consult your department regarding the layout and formatting of your dissertation. Guidance may be available in BlackBoard ( Where can I log in? ), in a module handbook or departmental citation guidelines. Also check with your dissertation supervisor, showing them your working copy of your dissertation.

Find Styles

  • Go to the Home tab and click on the small button below Styles . At the bottom of the Styles box that appears, click on Options.

  • Under Select styles to show select All Styles then OK. You will now be able to see the full set of styles available.

Apply Styles to text in your document

For example:

  • Select the main heading of the first chapter you have inserted into your document.

  • In the Styles menu, select Heading 1.

  • Then select the sub-heading of the first chapter.

  • In the Styles menu, click on Heading 2.

  • Repeat for subsequent chapters in the document.

  • Note: the main text in each chapter is defined as Normal by default.

Modify the Styles you have chosen to suit your preferred document layout

  • Highlight the style Heading 1 , click on the down arrow menu and select Modify.

  • Select any new font, size, colour etc. and that will become the new Heading 1 style for this document.

  • Repeat for Heading 2.

  • Repeat for Normal to change the main text.

  • To justify your text, set line-spacing and indents select the Format button then on Paragraph.

  • Select OK and scroll through your document to see the consistent formatting.

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