What do I need to know about the module before creating a new reading list in Aspire?

Please ensure you have this information before you begin adding a new reading list to Aspire.

Is there already an Aspire reading list for this module? (How can I check?)

About the module

  • Module code
  • Module title
  • Module co-ordinator - if you are adding the list on behalf of the module co-ordinator, let them know you are doing so before you begin
  • Semester(s) the module is being taught in - there are separate menu options for Distance Learning and Lifelong Learning
  • Is the same module content being taught in other modules? If so, which? An Aspire list may already exist which would also serve the needs of your module. Instead of creating a new list, your module could be linked to the existing one (How do I do that?)

To structure the list

  • Are there any sections in your list? You can structure your list e.g. by week, by theme, by essay title, by importance. You can save effort moving content around if you add the sections before adding content to the list.

To populate the list

  • The importance of each item i.e. Essential or Further Reading (Why is this important?)
  • The chapter names and page numbers of any book chapters that you want to request for digitisation

Please contact your subject librarian (How do I do that?) or email librarians@aber.ac.uk  if you have any questions or would like to arrange some one-to-one help (How do I do that?) before or while you create your new reading list.

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