How do I find and view digitised documents in my Blackboard module?

Module co-ordinators may arrange with Information Services for book chapters or journal articles on an Aspire module reading list to be digitised (in accordance with UK copyright legislation ).

These readings are stored online and linked to directly from the Aspire reading list.

  • Visit the Aspire reading list
  • Click on the Chapter or Article record in the Aspire reading list which has been digitised
  • You will be prompted for your Aber username and password
  • Depending on which browser you are using the PDF of the chapter/article will open on screen or become visible on a downloads bar which you will need to click on to open it
  • If you want to, you can print one copy of the document for yourself only. This is explained further in the mandatory copyright notice on page 1 of each digitised document.
  • Scroll to page 2 to begin reading
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