How do I view analytics for my Aspire reading list? (staff)

The analytics dashboard helps you discover how your students are using your list, and suggests areas of improvement

  • Sign in to Aspire ( How do I do that? )

  • Click My Lists

  • Click the title of the list you would like to view statistics for

  • Click the View & Export button

  • Click Analytics from the drop-down menu

The dashboard information will be displayed. At the top of the page there are options and information about the entire list.

  • You can filter the information the dashboard displays using checkboxe

  • Use the dropdown menu to change the citation style

  • Statistics for the entire list are displayed here

  • Page views is the total number of views your list has had

  • Total clicks is the total number of times a user has clicked through to an item on your list

  • Annotations displays the number of times students have added study notes or reading intentions

The Dashboard also shows information specific to each item on the list, including:

  • The number of times the item has been clicked

  • The quality of the metadata: good, could be improved, or poor

  • If there is a later edition available

  • If the library has a copy. If the item is not present or not linked, students may not be able to get hold of it.

  • Student reading intentions and notes

  • The citation as it will appear to students in the bibliography

  • Click Show me alternatives to see a list of similar publications

  • Click Suggested improvements to see suggested actions for problem items


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