How do I record programmes in Box of Broadcasts?

Students and staff can make a maximum of 20 recording requests in Box of Broadcasts (BoB) in one day. If another BoB customer has already recorded a programme, or scheduled it to record, you will be able to view it too.

The nine most popular channels are listed first, with all content automatically recorded after broadcast.

To record a programme

  • Log in to BoB
  • Find a programme through the programme guide or search tool, then click Record

You may be prompted to request a programme from the BBC Archive – it may be a couple of hours before this content is ready to view.

There is a 30 day recording buffer to give you more time to record missed programmes.

When using the programme guide the shading of individual programmes indicate

  • Blue: available to record
  • Amber: scheduled to record and in the transcoding queue
  • Green: available to watch now

Please note that Box of Broadcasts is not available to students or staff based overseas.

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