Can I add a powerpoint slide to my Information Monitor content?

PowerPoint files can be displayed on an Information Monitor only if they are first saved as an image file (gif, jpeg, png).

To create pages for your Information Monitor in Powerpoint:

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Open a blank presentation
  • Click the Design tab
  • Click Slide Size and select Custom Slide Size...
  • Set the page width to 50.8cm and the page height to 28.575cm. This is the right size to display correctly on the Information Monitors.
  • Add content to your slides

If you want to be able to edit these slides in the future, you'll need to save a copy as PowerPoint (.pptxx) files. In order to display them on an Information Monitor you will have to save them as an image file.

  • Click Save as
  • Choose a location to save the slides. You can make a new folder in your infomon.disk share to keep pages you are working on.
  • Click the Save as type dropdown and select JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg)
  • Give the file a name and click Save
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