IT Guidance for staff working from home

Human Resources (HR) guidance on working from home can be found on the HR website here

When working from home it is essential that you work in a secure manner and do not cause increased risk to the University’s IT infrastructure, data security and reputation. You should read the Remote Access Policy before connecting a device from off-campus.

How you work will differ depending on the equipment you are using:

Using a University managed computer

If the device you are using at home:

you can work locally on that device and do not need to use remote desktop to a computer on campus.

You should connect the device to your home network and then connect to VPN BEFORE logging in. Your network drives and printers will then be connected automatically as though you were on campus.

Using a non-University managed computer

Before leaving campus

Once at home

Your responsibilities

Staff are reminded that while working at home they are still bound by the University’s policies particularly those relating to:

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