How do I submit a video assignment? (Student)

  1. Click on the Blackboard Assignment link
  2. Click on Start Attempt
  3. Click on the Insert Content icon – it’s the + image
  4. Click on Additional Tools
  5. Screenshot of the Insert Content > Additional Tools [Content Market] option
  6. Click on Panopto Video LTI (Student Submission Tool)
  7. Screenshot of the Panopto Video LTI (Student Submission Tool) link
  8. Select the Upload tab if your file is ready to upload. If you want to record in the session select Record.
  9. Screenshot of the upload screen
  10. Click on the grey box and locate your video file
  11. Select your file and click Open
  12. Wait for the file to upload
  13. Click the Insert button at the bottom of the screen
  14. You can change the display name for the file, or use the one that is added automatically, and then click Insert
  15. Your file will now appear in the submission window.
  16. Click on Submit at the bottom of the screen. You must press Submit otherwise the file won’t be submitted for marking.
  17. Press Submit on the pop-up confirming submission.
  18. You can download your receipt if you wish – you’ll also get a copy in your email. Make sure you keep your receipt.
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