How do I securely wipe my computer or other relevant EEE ready for disposal?

Before redundant computers or EEE leave departments for recycling purposes, the hard disks must be wiped so that no confidential data can be retrieved at a later date by persons not authorised to access such material.

This process must be certified and device will not be removed if a signed confirmation of the wipe is not attached. If you are unable to wipe the computer for any reason please contact Information Services.

WARNING: Following this procedure will irretrievably erase all the data. Ensure that you have saved any data you wish to retain.

To wipe your device

  • Borrow a CLEANUP USB from Information Services
  • Completely shutdown the machine
  • Insert the USB provided by Information Services
  • Turn on the machine and press F12 repeatedly until the inbuilt options (BIOS) appear:BIOS screen
  • Select Kingston Datatraveler 3.0 and press enter
  • When the blue screen appears type autonuke and press enter for the process to beginCleanup USB autonuke screen
  • Once the computer has been wiped complete the online WEEE form
  • Print out the form, sign it and attach it to the computer
  • Leave the computer in the secure location you indicated on the form to be collected by Residential Services
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