How do I restore an earlier version of my document in SharePoint?

Note: This is only possible if the document library has versioning switched on.

  • Navigate to the SharePoint site page where the document is located.
  • Locate the document you wish to restore to an earlier version.
  • Click  '...' to open up the document settings menu.

  • This will open another menu. Click '...' again.


  • Select 'Version History'

  •  A list of earlier document versions will be displayed.

  • Hover your mouse over the document you wish to interact with. You can select 'View' or 'Restore'.
  • Selecting 'View' will open a window which will display details about the document.
  • Selecting 'Restore' will make the historic version of the document the current version.
  • If you want to check what content a certain version has, click on the hyperlink of the document and it will open.
  • If a document is accidently restored and you wish to revert to the previous version, you will be able to view the previous version in the version history list.