Blackboard Test taking guidelines (Student)

Before beginning a Blackboard Test

  • Make sure you know your username and password (how do I check my account is working?)
  • Use Firefox to access Blackboard.
  • Check your browser compatability here.
  • Turn off any pop up blockers in your browser
  • Where possible, use a computer to access Blackboard.
  • If you are having to use a mobile device to access the test, you can download Firefox via the app / play store
  • Ensure that you are in an environment you can concentrate and are free for distractions

Taking a Blackboard Test

  • Log into Blackboard and click on the name of the course that contains your test.
  • Click on Assessment and Feedback.
  • Click on the link to your test.

Screenshot showing a Blackboard test

  • Read any test instructions and click Start Attempt
  • When you are happy with all your answers, click on Submit

There is more information about taking tests, including the different display options, on the Blackboard help site.

Important: To prevent problems during your test:

  • Do not open any other browser windows or other applications, or navigate away from the exam (unless it is a neccessary part of the test).
  • Do not click the back button of your browser or refresh the page. 
  • Do not double click any link in the exam. 
  • Do not let the computer go to sleep or time out.

If you lose connection to your test, depending on how your test has been set up you may be able to return to the exam as previously and resume your test.

If you cannot get back to your test you will need to contact your lecturer to clear your attempt and start again.


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