How does the slide scheduling work on the Information Monitors?

Each slide is dependent on the frequency and wait_time (seconds since slide was last shown)
You can change the frequency for a set of slides ( How do I do this? )

Slides gain priority the longer they wait. This prevents starvation (cases where slides are never shown)

Priority for each slide is calculated as:

priority =  ------------------------
            (frequency x 60 seconds)

Slides that spend a long time waiting 'compete' against lower frequency slides.

The slide with the highest priority is shown. For example:

Priority (x100) Slide Path frequency (min) wait_time (sec) Shown
12.50 .../4-standard/slide1.html 4 30  
3.33 .../5-standard/slide2.html 5 10  
16.66 .../10-standard/slide3.html 10 100 X
14.58 .../20-standard/slide4.html 20 175  

N.B. Slide1 has the lowest frequency (4 mins). Slide4 has waited the longest (175 seconds).
Regardless of this; slide3 will still be shown as it has waited the longest while taking into account the frequency.

You can view the scheduler for your Infomation Monitor to help get a better idea of this. ( Where do I do that? )

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