How can I minimise my outgoings?


  • Wherever possible buy second hand. Use charity shops, car boot or jumble sales. Course books are often available second hand. If you can’t buy course book second hand don’t forget to use the library. Don't be tempted to buy every book on your course booklist – ask other students or your tutors which books they found most useful. You could always ask for the more expensive items to be bought for you as a Christmas or birthday present.
  • Share the costs of food with friends. Alternatively, for food or household items, buy bulk or check out supermarket own brands which usually cost less overall. Make your own sandwiches for lunch.
  • Cut your travel costs to a minimum. Many students feel they need to run a car but this is often a big drain on their limited resources and not always as essential as might be believed. Consider whether you really need a car – is the cost really worth the additional convenience? Walk or use a bike if possible – Aberystwyth is very compact so you don’t have to travel far to get to lectures etc. The exercise will also be good for you!
  • If you use public transport buy a student rail or bus card. Buy a Mid Wales Travel Student/Staff Bus Card to get to and from University – further details will be available at the Students' Union.
  • Take advantage of student discount offers. Many shops offer discounts on production of an NUS card.
  • Don't exceed your overdraft without prior agreement and steer clear of store cards as the interest rates are often high. Limit credit card use. Shop around for the best student bank account for your needs (see our advice guide about choosing a suitable bank).
  • Save on insurance costs by checking whether your possessions will be covered by your parents home contents insurance or by insurance cover provided as part of your University accommodation. Make sure you have sufficient cover for larger, more expensive items such as laptops.
  • Shopping Tips


Failure to Meet Outgoings

If you find you cannot pay your tuition or accommodation fees speak to the Student Fees section at the University as soon as possible.

Sanctions may be imposed against students who are in debt to the University (for example, not being allowed to re-enrol) so it is important that you explain your situation as it may be possible to negotiate a repayment plan.

If you cannot pay your rent contact your landlord to see whether you can negotiate a part payment or whether you can pay at a later date. Sometimes Loan/Grant payment dates are out of step with when rent is due.

If you exceed your agreed overdraft limit speak to your bank as soon as possible. Always pay your priority debts first and think carefully before using a credit card to meet costs that you think cannot be met by any other means.


Cancellation of Student Loans for Living Costs Liability (Wales) Regulations

Find out how to get some of your Student Loan cancelled. This is only for students from Wales.

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