How can I support my son or daughter during their preparations for attending Aberystwyth University?

Parents and supporters can help in the following ways:

Student Finance

  • By providing all information requested by Student Finance promptly. Delays in returning information can lead to delays in receiving Student Finance. An inability to join clubs etc. may leave students feeling socially isolated at a time when they could be making new friendship groups.


  • By encouraging your son or daughter to open a student bank account and comparing student bank accounts not only for the incentives they offer to open an account with them, but also comparing interest rates, and when they start charging interest, on any overdraft a student has remaining when they finish university.
  • Some banks offer incentives and maximum overdraft (around £1500) from the first year; however such facilities do not necessarily encourage good money management. Other banks are willing to increase overdrafts by up to £500 per year until the typical maximum £1500 overdraft limit is reached. Whilst there is usually 0% interest charged on overdrafts whilst a student, on leaving university the account status will change and banks vary in how they deal with any outstanding overdraft debt.

Budgeting and First Week

  • By discussing financial issues such as budgeting before arrival at university, and planning if and when you will be able to provide maintenance support. It is easier for students to budget if they know their income and can plan ahead.
  • Making sure that your son or daughter has enough money to provide for themselves for at least a week as there are often short delays with their student finance funding.
  • Where can I find information on typical living costs?

Living Skills

  • By ensuring that your son or daughter has confidence in independent living skills, especially:
    • Use of laundry facilities, as we find that some students struggle with this in the first weeks
    • Preparing cheap, well balanced meals, as we find that purchasing ready meals or take outs is one major factor underlying overspending, particularly for first year students.


  • By discussing expectations about communication and how regularly your son or daughter might keep in touch. Students will get caught up in their new social circles and often forget to phone home so it will help to be flexible and review expectations over time. It may be helpful to discuss at what point the parent or supporter may have cause for concern if there has been no contact.
  • By discussing who might be an appropriate emergency contact. Most students progress through university smoothly, making the most of their experience and dealing with any issues that might arise. Occasionally exceptional circumstances might arise where the emergency contact number is needed.
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