My son or daughter is at Aberystwyth University and I am worried about them. Can you tell me whether they are ok?

We cannot tell you whether or not your son or daughter is at Aberystwyth University but (assuming that they are) depending on the concern:

  • As a first step we can encourage them to contact you if you give us your permission to pass on a message.
  • If they live in a University hall of residence we could make the residential support team aware of your concerns and ask them to visit the flat as a whole to check all is well and to ensure the students have information about support services.
  • If the student is living in private accommodation, we would contact their department and make them aware of your concerns
  • If there were any concerns about immediate health or safety we would notify the emergency services

We will try not to tell a student that you have contacted us unless  you give us permission to do so. However, in cases where there is a risk to themselves or others, we may be obliged to contact them without your consent. 

Please understand that asking you for permission to try to contact your son or daughter is NOT confirmation that they are a registered student at Aberystwyth University and that we cannot comment on their attendance at, or the outcome of, any meeting. 

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