What should I do if I am leaving (staff)?

Staff Aberystwyth University IT and Library accounts lock the day after the contract end date, as recorded by Human Resources in ABW.

You should arrange with your line manager

  • To hand over any files or emails they may need to access to after you leave 
  • Who is to take responsibility for any shared accounts you own? (How do I check this?)
  • Who is to take responsibility for any disk shares you manage? (How do I check this?
  • Who is to take responsibility for any email lists you own (How do I check this?)
  • Who is to take responsibility for any SharePoint sites you manage
  • Who is to take responsiblity for any permisssions you manage (How do I check this?)
  • To return any AU issued laptop, mobile device or other equipment
  • To update the contact details for any database you have subscibed to on your departments behalf with your AU IT account

Once your account locks you will lose all access so you should carry out the following before that date:

Return all your library loans

Use any outstanding credit on your Aber Card

Update your contact details for any external sites or services you have signed up to using your AU email address

  • If you have used your AU email address to sign up to any external sites or services e.g online banking, online shopping or to register computer games, you will need to change the contact email to an alternative email address. To do this contact the site or service direct.

Forward any personal email to your home email address

  • Once your IT account account locks, you will no longer be able to access your existing email.
  • If there are emails that are personal to you and not related to your work at Aberystwyth University then you can forward these individually to an alternative address
  • You must ensure that you do not forward emails that contain personal or sensitive information about others or any emails relating to Aberystwyth University business
  • It is not possble to forward any emails sent to your email address after your account locks 

Set up an automatic reply

  • You can set an automatic reply on your email account to inform people emailing you that you have left and providing alternative contact details. (How do I do that?)
  • This automatic reply will operate while your IT account remains on AU systems; this is 12 weeks from lock date for staff

Update your personal email and postal address

  • Update your personal email and postal address on AberPeople (ABW) to receive your P45 (How do I do that? ).
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