How do I encrypt my computer? (Windows)

Encrypting your computer will mean your computer can't be used without your encryption key. All of your files will be protected if the computer is lost or stolen. If you lose your encryption key and your backup key, your files can't be recovered

  • Click on the Start button then open Computer or File Explorer
  • Right-Click on your computer's hard drive and select Turn on BitLocker
  • Select a method of unlocking your computer. In this example, we selected Insert a USB flash drive
  • Back up your recovery key. We recommend using both Save to a file and Print the recovery key.Your recovery key should not be kept with or near your computer. It should be kept in a secure location where it can be retreived if you lose or forget your encryption key
  • Choose how much of your drive to encrypt. You should follow the advice given in the BitLocker window
  • If you are asked, select New encryption mode
  • Allow Bitlocker to run a system check and click Continue
  • Your computer will now require your recovery key on startup. If the computer is in use by other members of staff, you will need to make your encryption key available to them
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