How can I save money on shopping?

Here are some of the suggestions made by students at the 2nd Bite of the Cherry event to help you save money on your shopping:

  • “Don’t go for ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price’, you’ll waste the food and your money.”
  • “Pasta + tin of tomatoes + bag of veg = loads of dinners!”
  • “Get the tomato and basil crisps from Poundland, they’re cheap, tasty and low calories.”
  • “Chocolate – 35p in Lidl.”
  • “Don’t go to the shops hungry.”
  • “Never go shopping when you’re hungry, you buy more!”
  • “Don’t shop hungry or late at night!”
  • “Buy sensible food for meals and not snacks!”
  • “Don’t always go for brands.”
  • “Compare shops to get the best deal and always get the best bargains.”
  • “Try to use coupons.”
  • “Use the food co-op at the Students’ Union.”
  • “Go to Morrison’s.”
  • "Buy pasta in bulk and make use of your Aber card in University food outlets (especially students in bunk rooms!)."

Minimise your Outgoings 

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