Why are library staff unable to digitise a reading I've selected for my Aspire reading list?

Library staff cannot digitise a reading if:

  • it is available in the library as an e-book or e-journal
  • it is published in a country that is not covered by the licence
  • it is published by a publisher who has not signed up to the licence

Some categories of published works are not covered by any of Copyright Licensing Agency's (CLA) licences and these include:

  • printed music (including the words)
  • maps and charts
  • workbooks, workcards or assignment sheets

Where items are not available for digitising under the CLA Higher Education licence, library staff will contact academic staff/module convenors and discuss whether there are any alternative solutions.

Other reasons and possible solutions are as follows:  

Reason digitisation has not been possible Option
The book publisher will not permit scanning a chapter (excluded)

Library staff will check and inform if you can photocopy the extract under the CLA check permissions tool. Please note, that photocopying could also be excluded as an option.

For works listed as excluded, you could contact copyright owners directly for permission prior to copying. In the first instance this would usually be the publisher. 

Your request has exceeded the 10% extent limit under the CLA licence Library staff will contact you to request a smaller section or select another extract.
If the Library does not hold the requested article in print, we attempt to acquire a copyright fee copy from the British Library (BL). Please note, occasionally an article may not be available from the BL also. Library staff will contact you to discuss alternative solutions.


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