How do I troubleshoot problems with my wired connection in Halls?

If your hall connection isn't working make sure:

    • you have activated your email account. If you haven't you need to do so first ( How do I do that? )
    • you are using the correct password ( Where can I check that? )
    • you have waited at least five minutes from the first time you connected the device
    • you have unplugged and re-plugged in the Ethernet cable
    • your webcache settings are correct ( How do I do that? )
    • you are not using IPV6
    • the correct MAC address has been registered. Typos sometimes occur or if you have both a network card and a wireless card in your computer you will have a MAC address for each. Find your MAC address ( How do I do that? ) and check it is the wired MAC address has been registered. ( Where do I do that? )
    • you are entering your user name as your full Aberystwyth University email address e.g.
    • your settings are correct. You can do this by following the manual setup instructions (Does not apply to apple macs):

If all this is correct you can try:

  • Disabling and enabling your LAN connection
  • Go to Start , type cmd and press enter , then type ipconfig /release
    When your settings have been released type ipconfig /renew
  • Stopping and restarting the Wireless Zero Configuration ( How do I do that? )
  • Removing any expired virus checking software you have on your computer
  • Rebooting your computer
  • Borrowing a cable from someone whose connection is working to see if it is your cable that is faulty. If it is you will need to buy a new one ( Where can I do that? )
  • Taking your computer into someone else's room (whose connection is working) to see if it works in their room (with your cable). If it does you will need to report a fault with the socket in your room. ( How do I do that? )

You should also check:

  • you have configured any personal firewall, for example Norton or McAfee, for use with the University servers ( How do I do that? )
  • your computer is free from viruses, hacking and spyware ( How do I do that? )

If you continue to have problems connecting please contact Information Services ( How do I do that? ) or bring your laptop to the Computing Help Desk ( Where are they? )

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