How do I set up my new AU staff laptop provided through Information Services?

Before starting, you will need:

  • the device you use to provide 2 factor verification on your Microsoft 365 account.
  • to connect the laptop to the internet:
    • on campus connected to the PAU-X wireless network
      (you cannot complete the initial setup via the eduroam wireless network)
    • on campus using a wired connection
    • at home on your wired or wireless connection

While the laptop is connected to the internet:

  • Log in to the computer using your University email address and password
  • Wait for the computer to complete the initial setup. This can take up to 30 minutes. Don't turn off the computer or disconnect from the network while it is doing this
  • Once the computer has logged in, it is ready to use but it will need to download and install updates before everything is available
  • You can install any software you need from the Company Portal
    • The computer will need to download and install updates before the Company Portal appears on the desktop
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