How do I link modules together in Blackboard?

Linking modules is an effective way of dealing with two separate modules with the same content so you don't have to upload materials to two different modules.

We can link together modules at the request of a module co-ordinator. Please email the Elearning Group with the following details:

  • Module code of the main module (parent module)
  • Module code of the module/s to be linked (child module/s)

Module co-ordinators should ensure that all staff teaching on linked modules are aware of the situation. If you need seperate assignment submissions for each of the linked modules please contact the us for advice.

How linked modules work

  • Students will still see the name of the module they’re registered to under their modules, however they will all view the content in the parent module. All teaching materials should uploaded into the parent module.
  • The parent module is the only module that can be edited; any content in the child module becomes unavailable. It can be manually copied into the parent module if required (How do I do that?)
  • Panopto recordings should be made in the parent module's folder. Recordings in the parent folder are automatically made available to all students.
  • If you want to make some information available to some students on one of the linked modules, but not the other, you will need to create groups of students (How do I do that?). You can then make content folders just available to a specific group using the adaptive release feature (How do I do that?)


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