How do I set permissions on a SharePoint site?

  • Click on the cog symbol at the top right of the screen and select 'Site Settings'. The Site Settings screen will appear: 

  • Click 'Site Permissions' in the first column under 'Users and Permissions'.
  • The site may be inheriting permissions from its parent. If so there will be a yellow notice at the top of the permissions page. 

Editing Existing Permissions

  • Permissions are best kept in groups rather than giving individual people permission to your site.
  • Click on the relevant group to view who is a member of the group 

Add a Person

  • To add a person to the group click New at the top of the list
  • The Share pop-up will appear: 

  • Type the userid or name of the person/people you wish to add in the first box
  • If you want the person to get an email to tell them they have been added you can add personal message in the 2nd box
  • If you don't want the person to get an email, click 'SHOW OPTIONS' and untick 'Send an email invitation' .
  • Click Share to finish.
  • Refresh the page to see the person in the list for the group 

Remove a person

  • To remove a person from the group, tick the box to the left of their name and click Actions at the top of the list
  • Choose 'Remove Usersfrom group' in the drop-down that appears
  • The person will be removed from the group and will lose access to the site.