How do I create new permission groups in SharePoint?

  • Click on the Cog symbol and choose Site Settings
  • Click on Site Permissions
  • Click on Create Group in the menu across the top

  • The Create Group screen will appear:

  • Give the group a name (e.g. My Site Members)
  • Ideally set the Group Owner to be your owners group – i.e. My Site Owners (this avoids problems in future where the owner of a group has left, etc)
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tick the appropriate box for the permission this group has to your site e.g. Contribute.
    (You can create a group here that doesn't actually have any site permissions by leaving all the boxes unticked. This is useful if you want to give a group permissions on a document library or something else – you have to create the group at the top level, but then you could give that group permission on a document library later)
  • Click Create to finish