How do I add fields for the user to fill in when adding a task in SharePoint?

  • Go to your Task List.
  • Click on 'List' at the top of page and the List menu will appear across the top of the screen:

  • Click on 'Create Column'
  • The 'Create Column' pop-up will appear:

  • Type the name of the new column in the 'Column name' box (e.g. 'Project')
  • Check the correct type of information has been selected (e.g. 'Single line of text')
  • Add a description, if required, so that other users will know what this column is for (e.g. 'Specify the project that this task belongs to')
  • ‚ÄčIf the user must fill in this new field when adding an event, select 'Yes' for 'Require that this column contains information'.
  • Click OK to save.