How do I choose a suitable password?

Password criteria

Your password must be:

  • at least 14 character long
  • no more than 64 characters long
  • contain at least one letter
  • contain at least one number

If you wish you can use any of the following non-alphanumeric characters: ! @ # : ? > < , . / ; ' ` [ = - \ ] ) & ( ^*_+{ ~|}

Choosing a password that is right for you

  • You shouldn't use a password you have used on other sites or services for your Aberystwyth University account.
  • To create a strong password use three random words and add in some numbers and/or symbols
    For example:- downswalkday20
  • Use words that are memorable to you
  • Avoid using words that others could easily guess at. For example, names of any of your family, pets, house etc; your place of birth, a favourite holiday destination or something related to your favourite sports team.
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