How do I add a photo to my Online Staff Profile?

Selecting a photo

When selecting a photo for your profile, consider these things:

  • It needn't be formal, but must be professionally acceptable
  • It must be a photo of you
  • It must not include other people's faces
  • It should clearly show your face
  • It's a good idea if it reflects your role within the University
  • It must not infringe University regulations (Where can I find those?)

It is recommended that you upload your photo in the JPEG format (a file ending .jpg or .jpeg).

Uploading your photo

  • To edit your profile through My HR Applications, visit and log on
  • Select the Online Staff Profiles tile
  • On the My Profile find the Staff List Photo Upload and press the Choose File button
  • Find the photo you want to use on your PC and select it
  • Press the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the page (your new photo will only appear on the My Profile page once you've done this)
  • Changes may take between 20 & 90 minutes to appear on your profile