Where can I find the Aberystwyth University Hardship Fund application form?

Applying for hardship has become easier with our new online application system. Blackbullion also delivers financial capability learning in bite-size chunks, with quizzes, for you to explore topics that will help you through your university career and beyond.

Simply register with ‘Blackbullion’ at the Blackbullion site using your full university email address e.g. xxx1@aber.ac.uk, then choose a different password for the ‘Blackbullion’ site.

When to apply, and processing times

We suggest applying when you are at the point where you cannot pay your next month’s rent or have about £200 remaining in available funds. Processing takes 2-3 weeks, depending on demand, so please take that into account in deciding when to apply.

Submitting your application

Open up the Funds tab, then follow the steps to complete your application. Some of the steps will ask you to provide evidence and upload that onto Blackbullion’s secure system. You will be expected to upload evidence for all accounts, including savings accounts, international accounts and any currency vaults or pots within those. You will also be asked to upload your banking ‘home page’ or ‘dashboard showing your name, account details so that current balances for all your accounts / vaults/ pots are clearly visible.

What happens next

Once you have submitted your application, the system notifies the assessors. They will review your application and the evidence you have uploaded. Evidence will be accepted or rejected. If evidence is rejected you will notified and by informed why that is so.
An assessor might ask you to complete additional tasks, or submit additional evidence. If this is so, Blackbullion will send an email to your Aberystwyth University email address explaining what further information is needed, so do check your email until you receive a proposed outcome.

Once the assessment is complete, you will receive an email with the proposed outcome of your application. The proposal has to be agreed by the fund signatories and you will receive a further, formal, notification that includes anticipated payment dates, if an award is made.

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