How do I change the screen colour on a public computer?

To use screen masking on public computers:

  • Click the Start menu and begin typing ReadAndWrite
  • Click the ReadAndWrite icon to launch the program
  • Click the arrow next to the textHELP (or jigsaw piece) button in the top right
  • Go to Current Toolbar, then Reading Features
    reading features menu
  • Click the arrow next to the Screen Masking icon and choose Screen Masking Options...
    screen masking options menu
  • Under Select Masking Type, select Tint my whole screen. The are other options available to try if you prefer.
    tint my whole screen
  • Choose the colour and opacity. If you've chosen a different type of masking which uses underlining you can set the thickness here.
  • If the spotlight feature on the mouse pointer is distracting, click the Spotlight tab and untick the box next to Use the Mouse Spotlight when tinting the whole screen
    mouse spotlight options menu
  • Click OK
  • To turn screen masking on and off, click the Screen Masking button on the ReadAndWrite toolbar
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