How to tackle exam stress?

Just few things to help you get through your exams:

Relaxation apps

There are 5 relaxation apps on this device. Choose the one most appropriate for your needs or just try them all:


Headspace iPhone Android
Imagine Clarity iPhone Android
Anxiety Free iPhone  
Calm iPhone Android
What’s Up? iPhone Android


Listen to some helpful podcasts either by downloading the Podcasts app (if using Apple devices) or the Google Play Music app (Android devices).

Why not try one of these podcasts:

1.     Daily Meditation Podcast (iOS)

2.     Kwik Brain: Memory Improvement (iOS)

3.     Think Yourself Healthy


Ted Talks

We reccomend:

How to make stress your friend?

The case for optimism

The new era of positive psychology

The surprising science of happiness



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4.     Rogers H. & Maytan M. (2012). Mindfulness for the next generation: helping emerging adults manage stress and lead healthier lives.

5.     Hasson G. (2015) Mindfulness Pocketbook Little exercises for a calmer life.



You can also take a look at these helpful websites:


We know the exam period can be stressful, please make sure you take good care of yourself. Good luck!




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