How do I transfer component marks from Blackboard to AStRA?

To map columns for marks transfer and to transfer your component marks

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Grade Transfer


From this point, Components Marks Transfer will work exactly the same as previously.

The link to the Grade Transfer Tool in the Course Tools area of Blackboard (Astra::Map Columns) is currently not working

Search for the module in My Admin


  • Click Map on the column that you want to transfer

Screenshot of the 'AStRA::Map Columns' section, with the 'map' option highlighted in the far-left column.

  • Select the columnn that you want to map from the drop down menu that appears

Screenshot of the 'Select Grade Centre Column' with the arrow next to the 'Gradebook Column' option circled.

  • Click Fetch Preview to queue a transfer of the grades into the Preview & Transfer area. Use Save Mapping to store the mapping without requesting a transfer.
  • After 5 minutes, the option to Preview & Transfer will appear

Screenshot of the option to click 'Preview and Transfer' is circled.

  • In the screen that follows, the scores for the component will be in the far right hand column
  • Check that these are correct
  • If you are satisfied with the preview, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Mark for Transfer
  • You’ll get a pop up acknowledging that Marks staged for next Transfer

Screenshot of a pop-up which says 'Marks staged for next transfer.'

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