What is Office 365 2-step verification?

Office 365 2-step verification (also sometimes referred to as multi factor authentication) provides an extra layer of protection for your Office 365 account.

This means when accessing your Aberystwyth Univserity email, Sharepoint, Skype for Business or any other Microsoft app from off campus, as well as using your email address and password, you will be asked to further verify your identity using your choice of one of the following methods:

  • using an authentication app on your mobile phone 
  • using an authentication code sent by SMS
  • using an authentication code provided by automated phonecall

When your account has been enabled you will be sent an email with instructions for completing the setup.

You can change your chosen authentication method at any time (How do I do that?

2-step verification will NOT be required when accessing your mail on campus or via VPN  

Enabling 2-step verification will prevent anyone who has obtained your credentials from using your email account to send spam/phishing emails. However if they have your credentials they can still use these to log in to other AU systems and services, many of which contain personal and/or sensitive information, so you must take care to keep your credentials secure.

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