How do I add quizzes to a Panopto recording?

Panopto now has the functionality to add quizzes to recordings that have been made. Quizzes can be used so as to test the knowledge of individuals who are watching the recordings. 

How do I set up a Quiz? 

Step 1: Create a Quiz

Go to and enter your credentials

Select Browse from the menu on the left

Select My Folders

Select the folder that contains the recording

Hover your mouse underneath the recording that you wish to add the quiz to and select Edit

Navigate to the part of the recording that you wish to add a quiz to by clicking the cursor

Select + Add a Quiz

Give your quiz a name

Step 2: Choose your type of Question and set up a question

Once you have created the quiz, you are now ready to create your questions. Select the type of question that you would like to use by clicking on the dropdown menu to the right of the There are 3 types of question available for quizzes in Panopto:

True/False (ask a True or False question)

Multiple Choice (gives you the option to have several answers present, but only one answer can be chosen as correct)

Multiple Select (gives you the option to have several answers present and more than one can be selected as correct)

Fill in the Blank  (gives you the option to have multiple blanks)

Once you have selected your question type:

Type your question text into the question field

If you’re using Multiple Choice or Multiple Select questions, enter the potential answer options that you’d like to use (True / False are fixed)

Select the correct answer(s) by checking the box next to them

If you’d like to give an explanation to a correct answer you can do so in the optional field

If you’re only asking 1 question, select Done. If you’d like to add another question, select Add a Question and follow the steps from above

Step 3: Select the Settings for your Quiz

Once you click Done, you will be asked to select the settings for deploying the quiz. Choose from the following options:

Allow viewers to retake the quiz

Show grade after taking the quiz

Allow review of correct answers and explanations

Block advancing in the video until answering this quiz

When you are happy with the settings, click Finish.

To activate the quiz, select Publish in the top part of the screen

The quiz will now be in the recording

How Do I monitor Quiz Responses?

If you wish to monitor the results of the quiz:

Navigate to the recording in and select Settings

Select Quiz Results from the navigation menu

You can download a Quiz Results Summary into an excel file by clicking on The quiz results summary will display results for all quizzes in the recording

If you would like to only see the results for only one of the quizzes in the recording, select the specific quiz by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the recording from the Detailed Results By Section. You’ll then be able to gain an overview of the responses given by participants to questions within that specific quiz

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