Keeping information secure

  • Don’t disclose your account passwords to anyone, including colleagues in the Information Services Department.
  • Don’t use your University password as your password for any other accounts or services.
  • Don’t undermine or seek to undermine the security of computer systems.
  • Don’t make copies of restricted University information without permission.
  • Don’t provide access to University information or systems to those who are not entitled to access.
  • Don’t leave devices or computers unlocked when unattended.
  • Don’t use personal email accounts for the purposes of University business.
  • Don’t connect personally owned storage or mobile devices to University owned devices.
  • Don’t send, forward or open unauthorised bulk (spam) emails.
  • Password protect your personally owned devices.
  • Keep all software on personally owned devices current and up-to-date, including installing any updates.
  • Be aware and mindful of the risks of using open (and unsecured) Wi-Fi hotspots or public computers.
  • Ensure that equipment used to store and/or process sensitive data is disposed of appropriately.
  • Encrypt mobile devices and ensure that restricted information is encrypted before sending to others
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