How do I set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for AU VPN without a smartphone (Windows)?

You will need to set up multi factor authentication while on campus.

On a PAU domain laptop or IS loan stock laptop

On your own computer:


  • From Chrome, Firefox or Opera , log in to using your Aberystwyth credentials (this page is only available on campus)
  • Click Enroll Token in the left-hand menu
  • Select TOTP: Time based One Time Passwords
  • Enter a meaningful Description e.g. "My PC token"
  • Click Enroll Token
  • An image with a QR Code will be displayed. Right-click the image and select Copy Image Address
  • Open WinAuth from the location you saved it to earlier:
    • Click Add
    • Select Authenticator
    • In the Name box, enter a meaningful description e.g. "Aberystwyth University"
    • In the next box, right-click and select Paste to enter the QR code image you copied earlier
    • Click Verify Authenticator
    • Click OK
  • Once the code is scanned, you will see it under All tokens. You can click on your token to manage it, disable it or delete it
    • You should delete tokens when you are no longer using the device they are connected to e.g. when you get a new phone
  • You will be prompted to enter the codes generated by WinAuth when logging in to services which require MFA
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