How do I set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for AU VPN without a smartphone (Mac)?

Download and set-up

Mutli Factor must be set up while on campus

  • Download the free MFA utility Authy from the Authy website
  • Run the download and follow install instructions
    • When prompted, follow instructions to provide an email address and phone number
    • Authy can be used to authenticate a variety of other services


  • Login to using your Aberystwyth credentials
  • Click Enroll Token
  • enter a description and click Enroll Token
    • Click the link that says here as pictured:

  • This will open a blank page, with a URL that contains a 32 character Secret
  • The URL will read "secret= " and then display your secret code
    • This is the code that Authy needs to generate one time codes on your Mac


  • Open Authy on your Mac
  • Click the + to Add an Account
  • Paste in your secret code and click Add Account
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