How do I add and remove users from my shared mailbox?

Only the administrators of a shared mailbox can add or remove other users.

To add a user:

  • Under Mailbox Permissions select Add Mailbox Permissions.
  • In the User field, type in the username of the colleague you wish to add.
  • In the Permissions field, choose whether you wish to give them SendAsFullAccess or Admin permissions on the shared mailbox
    • SendAsOnly allows the user to send emails on behalf of the shared mailbox. They can not view any emails sent to the mailbox, including replies to emails they've sent from the mailbox
    • FullAccess: Allows the user to send messages, delete messages and access the full content of the shared mailbox. This includes adding the account to Outlook, mobile devices, and access via webmail
    • Admin: Gives the user the ability to add or remove permissions for other people to this mailbox. It is recommended to have 2 or 3 admins.
  • Click Add.
  • The user will be emailed to let them know they have been granted permission on the mailbox, along with instructions for how to access it.

To remove a user:

  • Click the bin icon next to the permission that you would like to remove. 


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