How do I set up 2-step verification for my University account without a smartphone (Linux)?

  • Download and install OTP client from here:
  • It is a free, open source utility
  • Packaged versions for various distributions are available, follow instructions included on the page to download and install the program.
  • Open a terminal and enter otpclient to start the program
  • Follow the prompts to set up a local credential database, as well as an authenticaton password that will be used to store your credentials
  • The password cannot be recovered or reset, do not forget it
  • From a web browser, log in to
  • You will be prompted to provide More Information
  • Click Next

  • Click I want to use a different authenticator app then click Next
  • In OTPclient, click the + button to add a new token, and click Take Screenshot
    • Draw around the QR code for your newly enrolled token
  • Double click the newly added one time password to generate an OTP value
  • New values last for 20 seconds, and are automatically copied to the clipboard.
  • Go back to your account login page and click Next
  • Enter the code displayed by OTP Client and click Next
  • You will then be taken to a confirmation screen. Click Done to finish
  • The setup is now completed and you will need to verify any requests to login to your Office 365 account from off-campus using the app on your computer.

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