Why has my WordPress blog been blocked?

The WordPress blog you are trying to access has been blocked, as it is running an outdated, vulnerable version of the software.

If you are the owner of the blog, you will be required to perform the following steps to re-activate and upgrade your blog.

  • Locate your WordPress install directory within the public_html folder on your M drive
  • Delete the ".htaccess" file found within this directory; this will reinstate access to your blog
  • Upgrade your WordPress install to the latest stable version, following the instructions available here

Please note that if you do not upgrade your blog after deleting the .htaccess file, your blog will be blocked again.

For uninterrputed access to your blog, please ensure you continue performing routine updates to your WordPress install.

You may wish to consider using a University managed WordPress blog, which will automatically have security patches applied for you. More information is available here

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