How do I run an Activity Search for a Student on a Module? (staff)

This process will show that a student has clicked on a Turnitin link. It does not show that a student attempted to submit. 

Log in to
You will need the VPN connected if not on campus.

Click on Blackboard Assignments Activity Log

Use the Module Code dropdown to select the module from the list of modules you are enrolled on as a module coordinator, or departmental administrator.

Enter the username of the student in the User Id field or alternatively click the menu button to select the username of any student enrolled on the module.

Activity Search Field

You can recognise a click on a Turnitin link as it will have /webapps/blackboard/execute/blti/launchPlacement as part of the information in the Data field.

You can use the Actions dropdown menu to:

  • Filter to make it easier to spot Turnitin clicks.
  • Adjust the Rows Per Page
  • Reset
  • Find Help
  • Download an Activity Report

Activity Search Available Actions

It can take an hour from when the activity occured to it being shown in these reports.


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