Blackboard Tests for Exams creation guidelines (Staff)

Blackboard Tests for In-Person Exams 

  • Create, Edit and Organise your questions
  • Create the Test
  • Test Settings
  • Take and Check the Test


Question Banks

A question bank is a collection of questions that can be re-used in multiple tests and in other Courses. They are an effective way of organising your questions, for example, by topics.  

To access the question pools in your Course, go Details & Actions > Question Banks > Manage banks


Here you will see any existing question banks. From this area you can search for questions, edit or export any existing question banks and create or import a new bank. 

Creating/Editing Questions 

Here you will see any existing questions. To change the question display to see the full text of the question, click on the arrow down. To create new questions in an existing bank, click on the centered purple plus sign and choose your question type. In this menu, you can also choose to reuse questions from other banks. To edit or delete existing questions select the three dots next to the required question. From this area you can also re-name your question bank and add a description.

Importing Questions

To import existing question banks from an Original Course, go to the course content section, click on the plus icon and choose > Copy Content.

Select your course and click on the title. To copy all the question banks tick the check box or to copy selected question banks, click on the title Question Banks, select the banks you want to copy, and click Start Copy. Once the copy has completed all your Question Banks will be available from the Manage banks link.

Create the Test

Once you have created your question banks, you can build your test. To create a new test click on the centered purple plus sign, scroll down the menu to Assessment > Test.