Further information on the data projectors available to borrow from Information Services

Data projector

Data projector

For projecting presentations, images or videos from a laptop onto a screen or wall

Supplied with:

  • Power cable
  • HDMI cable (High Definition Multimedia Interface)
  • VGA cable (Video Graphics Array))
  • User manual
Power cable HDMI cable VGA cable

Power cable

HDMI cable

VGA cable

To set up the projector:

  • Place the projector and laptop on a secure horizontal surface
  • Connect the projector to the laptop with the VGA cable or HDMI cable (if supported) from the projector input port to the laptop external video port
  • Plug in both mains cables
  • Turn on the projector, then the laptop
  • To change the screen output from the laptop, hold down the Fn key (function key), and press the key that has a picture of a monitor on it (this is usually the F5 key) at the same time. The method for changing differs depending on the computer being used
  • Adjust the height of the projector
  • Adjust focus with the rotating lens on the front of the projector
  • When finished, turn the laptop off first
  • Press the power button twice to turn off the projector
  • Wait for the fan to stop cooling the bulb before packing the projector away
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