Further information on the VR Headsets available to borrow from Information Services

Bobo-VR-Z4-Headset Bobo-VR-Z4-Headset-rear

Virtual Reality Headset

Plug in a smartphone and simulate a private movie theater.

Can be used with iPhone, Samsung Android iOS Smartphone. Full immersive 120 degree viewing angle.

• Open the application ‘Cardboard’ on you phone and complete the set-up
• Select ‘Switch viewer’ and select the Bobo VR headset
• Scan the QR code in the manual to pair your phone with the headset
• Any VR viewing software subsequently used should be now automatically calibrated
• Open the transparent hinged phone holder compartment on the front of the headset by pressing the button on the top
• Plug in the headphone auxiliary cable into the phone for audio
• Place the phone into the headset and close the compartment
• If the phone needs charging, it can be plugged in via the opening at the side of the holder compartment

When you are wearing the headset:

• Calibrate the pupillary distance using the scroll wheel at the top front of the headset
• The focal length can be adjusted by turning the dials on the sides of the headset until your eyes feel comfortable
• Each earpiece is adjustable in length, independently of each other
• The volume can be controlled by moving the small spin wheel on the bottom left of the headset to the left or right
• To answer a call, press the same spin wheel


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