How do I share my screen in a MS Teams Meeting?

  • In the Teams meeting, select the Share Content icon by clicking on it.

  • This opens the share tray, which gives you different sharing options:

  • Desktop (option 1), which allows everyone to see everything on the screen you are sharing.
  • Window (option 2), which shares only a specific window, for example a web browser.
  • PowerPoint slides (option 3), which shares a specific PPT presentation
  • Microsoft Whiteboard (option 4.), which opens the MS Whiteboard and allows you to choose whether you want to Present or Collaborate



  • If you are planning on sharing audio, make sure you activate the “Include computer sound” button (highlighted by a yellow box in the image).
  • The MS Whiteboard will default to Collaborate after 15 seconds, if you do not select an option manually.

What do I need to be aware of when sharing my screen in a MS Teams meeting?

Depending on the share option that you select, there is a potential for data protection breaches. If you share “Desktop”, but your emails are visible at the time, everyone in the meeting can see them, for example.

Any windows or tabs in incognito mode are visible when shared through MS Teams, both in Desktop and Window mode.

It is essential that you are aware which options are the safest, and that you develop good habits to minimise the risk of data protection breaches.

We advise that you

  • Close any applications not needed for the session before sharing
  • Ensure you have no private or otherwise sensitive information on your desktop
  • Open a dedicated, new browser window for any online materials you wish to share
  • Ensure you have no inappropriate Bookmarks visible in your browser
  • Set your availability to “Do Not Disturb” before sharing to prevent MS Teams notifications from other chats and meetings popping up.

We recommend you choose “Window” as your default share option, to avoid sharing inappropriate information or accidental displays of personal data. Make sure you select the correct window to share.

If you are sharing PPT slides, the “PowerPoint” share option is the logical choice.

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