How do I view my Turnitin similarity score? (students)

The Similarity Report can be viewed after you have submitted your assignment (and if the assignment has been created to allow you to view the Similarity Report).

To view your Similarity Report:

  1. Log in to Blackboard and open My Modules.
  2. Go to the module you submitted your assignment to.
  3. Navigate to the Turnitin submission point that you submitted your assignment to.
  4. Click on the Similarity score or View to open your assignment with the Similarity score:
  5. Your assignment will open in Feedback Studio
  6. To view the Match Overview, click on the red, numerical similarity score from the toolbar
  7. You will now see your Similarity Report.
  8. Text matching will appear in the body of your assignment.
  9. Text that is matched from different sources will be highlighted.

For further information on interpreting the Similiarity Report, please see: How to Interpret your Turnitin Similarity Report


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