How do I start a Session in Vevox?

Because Vevox contains a number of interactive elements in one place, you must always create a Session before setting up any polls, Q&As, or surveys. This makes sure that all materials relevant to a given Session are in one place. 

The first thing you need to do is to create a Session in Vevox. To do this, click on the ‘Create Session’ button. Give your Session a name (for example the module code and day of the seminars you want to use Vevox), then click ‘Create’. 

An image showing the Vevox dashboard. An arrow points at the Create Session button.

An image showing the Create Session pop-up.

Vevox automatically opens the session and places you in the ‘Polls’ section of your session. You can then navigate to any other part of your Vevox Session through the menu on the left.

An image showing an arrow pointing to the Session menu on the left.

To start a session and enable live polling, Q&A and Surveys, click the small downward arrow next to the Session name and ID. In the dropdown menu, click ‘Start Session.

An image showing the Start Session button in the Session drop down menu.

To stop a session, click the same arrow again to bring up the dropdown menu, then select ‘End Session’.

An image showing the End Session button in the Session drop down menu.


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