How do I moderate questions and comments in Vevox? (Staff)

To activate moderation, click on ‘Settings’ in the left-hand menu in a Session. 

An image showing the Session menu, highlighting the Settings tab.

In the pop-up window that appears, select ‘Features’ (second on the left). Under ‘Q&A Settings’, click on ‘Moderation’ to activate it. Once it is active, the sliding button will turn from grey to green. Click ‘Save’. Moderation is now active.

An image showing the Settings pop-up. Arrow 1 points at the features tab, arrow 2 highlights the moderation button, arrow 3 highlights the Save button.

As comments and questions come in, you will see them under ‘Needs Review’. 

An image showing the Q&A tab with moderation. An arrow points at the Needs Review tab.

Using the icons on the right, you can choose to move a comment or question from ‘Needs Review (1., yellow arrow below) to ‘Reviewed’ (2., orange arrow below) or to ‘Published’ (3., blue arrow below)Only when you have selected ‘Move to Published’ will a question or comment become visible to participants. 

An image showing the moderation options. An arrow each points to Needs Review, Reviewed, and Published.

Using the icons, you can also move published content back for review. 

An image showing the Published tab in the Q&A section.

You can also use the three dots (‘More Options’) to delete any inappropriate content, before it has been reviewed, reviewed but not published, or after publishing. 

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