How do I import and export and surveys in Vevox?

Surveys can be imported and exported from one session to another. This provides a simple way of reusing content created over and over again without the need to create a survey from scratch every time. 

Before importing a survey the first step is to create a Vevox import file that contains the information of a survey. This is done by exporting a survey or surveys that you  have previously created. 

To export a survey: 

Select Surveys from the navigation menuSelect the checkbox of the survey to be exported. When one or more surveys has been selected a series of options appear at the top  of the survey list. Select 'Export Survey Template'.

Exporting surveys will download a file to your default download folder. Your file will  now be a Zip folder with all the relevant data and images in. 

This file stores all the information related to the survey or surveys that you have  exported.  It can be shared with others or stored on your computer to be imported  into any other Vevox session. 

To import a survey: 

In order to import surveys into your meeting first, you need the Vevox import file.   This is generated when you export a survey (read above) from another meeting. If  you want to run different surveys concurrently, make sure to import each survey into  a new Session.   

You can also opt for the 'ready to use' sample surveys in the Vevox library. Simply  select what surveys you would like to import by selecting the chosen surveys. They  appear right below the import surveys option and press 'Import'.   

To import your own survey do the following steps: 

Select Surveys from the navigation menu. Press the 'Import' button. 

After selecting the Import button a menu pop-up screen will appear asking you to drag and drop or browse for a Vevox import file. 

Locate the Vevox import file and select it. Successfully selecting a Vevox import file will present a preview of the surveys to be imported. 

To complete the process press import. The newly imported surveys will now appear in the survey list. If you already have surveys in the list, new ones will appear at the  top.

At the import Surveys summary screen, you can select all or just some of the surveys contained within the import file. 

By default all surveys contained within the file will be selected to import but if you only want to select one then other surveys can be unchecked before confirming the  import. 

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