FAQ How do I use the Vevox PowerPoint Add-in?

You can add polls or transform existing slides in polls with the Vevox PowerPoint Add-In. This add-in is only available for Windows.

To create a PowerPoint with a Vevox poll:

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Select Insert

PowerPoint with insert highlighted

  • Select Get Add ins:

Get Add-ins selected

  • Under Admin Managed select Vevox for PowerPoint and Add

Admin Managed software add-in

  • Click on Insert Poll

Insert poll option highlighted

  • Select Get Started in the righthand pane
  • Login using your Aberystwyth email
  • Sessions that you have already created in Vevox will open and you can link to those
  • Alternatively, you can created a new poll by selecting Create Poll. Vevox dashboard will open and you can create your poll in there
  • The questions from the polll will preview on the right hand side
  • Add your questions by selecting Add:

Add questions from the Vevox pane

  • Rearrange your slideshow by moving the slides to the desired location
  • When it comes to presenting select Start Session from the Vevox pane:

start session highlighted

  • Your poll will then automatically open when in presenter view
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