How do I add a Vevox poll to my PPT slides? (Staff)

You can add polls or transform existing slides in polls with the Vevox PowerPoint Add-In. This add-in is only available for Windows. Download the add in here.

Please note that if you use this add-in, you should share your screen in Teams, rather than the PPT slides, to have full functionality. (How do I do that?)

The Vevox tab is now available in PowerPoint. 

Click on the Vevox Tab and click on the Disconnected icon to connect to Vevox. 

Select a Meeting to join (this is another name for Session). The Session must be active to be added. (How do I do that?)

You will now be able to see that you are connected to Vevox in PowerPoint (see below). 

You can now add Poll Slides into your PowerPoint from the Vevox tab. You can add Polls on a new slide or an existing slide.

You can also convert an existing slide into a Poll by choosing the Convert to Slide option from the Vevox menu in PowerPoint.

When you use this function you can set up, edit, and make changes to your slides & questions working in offline mode. But when presenting your slides (in PowerPoint) you should be online to launch your session and open up the polls to participants. You can also use the Vevox PPT add-in to compare polls from within the same PowerPoint. (How do I do that?

Please note: You must have the Vevox PPT add-in installed on the computer you intend to run the slides from in order for the live features (e.g. polls) to work. 


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