How do I use Vevox with Microsoft Teams? (Students)

If the organiser of your Teams meeting has attached a Vevox Session to the meeting, the Vevox icon will appear in the Teams menu bar at the top of your meeting window.

An image showing an arrow pointing at the Vevox icon in a Teams meeting.

When you click on it, the Vevox app window will apear on the right, just like the Teams Chat or Participants List. 

An image showing what the open vevox tab looks like for participants.

As soon as the person running the Session activates a Poll, it will appear in the Poll tab in the Vevox window. You can collapse or expand this by using the small grey  arrow to the right-hand side. 

You respond to a poll simply by clicking on the answer you wish to choose. You can  clear your answer and change it simply by clicking ‘Clear’ in the bottom right-hand corner, then selecting your new poll answer by clicking on the answer you want. 

An image showing what an active poll looks like in Teams.

Once the person running the session closes a Poll, the results will be automatically displayed. Again, you can collapse or expand these by using the small grey arrow on the right-hand side.

An image showing what poll results look like in Teams.

To ask a question or post a comment in the Q&A section, select the speech bubble icon within the Vevox window to go to the Q&A tab. 

Write in the box at the bottom and click the arrow to the right to send it. Questions and comments will appear above the submission box, as in Teams chat.

An image showing the Q&A tab in Teams. An arrow points at the Q&A icon, another at the

Please note that your session organiser may have moderation switched on and it might take a while for your submission to appear. You can upvote others’ questions and comments by clicking on the thumbs up symbol next to their post. 

If your session has any active surveys, these appear in the survey tab in the Vevox  window. Click on the clipboard icon to navigate to this section. 

An image showing the Survey tab in Teams. An arrow points at the clipboard icon.

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